Rape: You Know You Want It

A phenomenon of Slut Walks is spreading across Canada and the USA.

The Walks were initiated as a constructive movement against a Canadian police officer’s comments at a sexual assault awareness group that women should not dress like sluts if they want to avoid being raped.

Since the movement started more and more women have been coming forward with their awful tales of comments and judgements made of them.  The statistics of rape convictions are shameful in the UK but at least (I think and hope) we are not as bad as some of the things I read about other countries:

In Italy for example, the highest court of the country ruled that a woman in jeans could not be raped as it is impossible to remove a pair without the woman’s assistance!  I can’t believe I read that.

I like the idea of the walks and would like to participate, they seem a bit like the ‘reclaim the night’ movement in the UK but I don’t think that it’s possible to reclaim the word slut in a positive way.  I think it is derogatory word and women are not sluts just because they have had sex with multiple partners or wear sexy clothes or make-up or, or, or…


6 Comments to “Rape: You Know You Want It”

  1. I feel physically sick reading the comment about the italian judgment.

    I know what you mean about the word “slut” – there is a thought that reclaiming a word takes the edge off it when men use it. So if we said slut more often, then men could not use it against us in a dirty way. Think about how “slag” is no longer as bad as “slut” even though they mean the same thing. Now men get called slags all the time and it is no longer a bad word against women only.

    Am I over-thinking all of this ?

  2. Maybe we need to start with our own association with the word. The word slut sounds harsher than slag. I think there is a valid point in reclaiming words but in all fairness, I find it difficult to a group of women chanting “We are Sluts” very seriously.
    However, there is a really serious issue behind this which is suggesting that women are inviting rape. Are they for real? A high percentage of rape is by people you know or who have been stalking you. Therefore, this would suggest that your attire has nothing to do with rape. This is about sick men who are committing an awful crime.
    Shame on Canada and USA for even implying this.

  3. I discussed this with a friend yesterday who recounted a number of words that had been successfully reclaimed such as gay. I agree VB that slag is no longer such a negative and is used to describe men and women. Slut is a really strong negative word, is it so hard to think that it can’t be reclaimed?

    Many women feel that being decribed as a bitch is empowering, is it the same thing?

  4. I’m not entirely convinced that I would feel empowered calling myself anything derogatory. My friend at uni used to carry a red keyring which had “sexy bitches have red keyrings”. I used to find the keyring offensive, particularly as she is black.

    I think the sluts on the walks are showing that there is no such thing as a slut, that you cannot spot a slut and that sluts are not more at risk. We are all at risk of being raped, as bunty point out, usually by someone we know.

    Rape is not about sex or sexiness, it is about power and violation. The one thing men still have over us is physical strength.

    Think of the serial rapist recently caught in London-he was raping pensioners.

  5. Have you heard of the slut walk coming to the UK – 4000 women have signed up to the London march 4 June.

    What do you think – worth going?

  6. Wow, I had no idea! I think it would be worth going as women need to assert their right to wear what they want.

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