The Royal Wedding

With just over a week to go, people in London are talking about the Royal Wedding. At the hairdressers today, Kate and Wills were a part of everyone’s conversation. “What are you doing?”, “Are you watching it?”, “Have you seen her dress” etc… One customer was discussing the street party they have organised.

Whether you are a royalist or not, the Royal Wedding is a topic of conversation. So what will you be doing? Are you interested? Are you going to get away and escape the Royal madness?

I am quite looking forward to the Royal Wedding. It is a momentous occasion where the nation can celebrate together. I am not a Royalist and am not particularly bothered by what they do, but I am delighted to be sharing this with my daughters. They bought have their union jack flags and are learning to wave like princesses. I am teaching my two toddlers their names, especially after the young lad who was washing my hair thought Kate’s name was Camilla.

I am seeing quite a bit of kitsch memorabilia. See below. Do take a photo of any kitsch memorabilia that you see and email us at We will put it on our facebook page.

Bubbly, is there any interest in India on this wedding?


2 Comments to “The Royal Wedding”

  1. I can’t WAIT for the Wedding!!

    I have been planning what to do for at least a month. I have many friends who have left England to go abroad to miss the whole thing – what losers!

    I will be in the thick of it all in Westminster in my union jack pants and will be screaming and cheering and probably not able to see a thing but I don’t care! The atmosphere will be fabulous darling! My friends and I are, of course, dressing up as though we have been invited to the wedding and then we will move to Regent’s Park for Pimms, triangle sandwiches and cupcakes.


  2. Well I wasn’t going to do anything for the wedding, no one really cares in Delhi as far as I can tell. I’m going to watch it with a British friend though to join the party and wave a flag for them.

    I’m not a royalist but I guess the wedding will be cute.

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