Fabulous Darling!

Word on the street is that Absolutely Fabulous is making a come back with filming due to start pretty soon.  This is still one of my most favourite programmes of all time, my sister and I recently watched the old series and were crying with laughter.

I love the mainly female cast, wit, stories and of course fashion.  After this programme ended I think we had to wait until Sex and The City to appear with the same formula in a more glamorous format.

Women are fun and funny, I have loads of guy friends but I’m a girl’s girl.  The fun I have with my sisters and girlfrields is like no other.  Like in the programme my grandmothers, mum, aunts and their friends have the most wonderfully sharp and wicked sense of humour.

Looking forward to the new series.


4 Comments to “Fabulous Darling!”

  1. What wonderful news – I love these women, drinking red wine before lunchtime, pinching young guys bums and crawling home at 4am. A true fantasy for women – much more fun than crap like Mad Men which should be renamed Made for Men.

  2. Ab Fab is amazing, such good news that it is coming back on. I wonder what Edina and Patsy will get up to!

  3. I have a big smile on my face. This is a great show. I am sure parts of the show were replayed in my life!!!

  4. Oh no!! I loved the original show but think its been too long for them to be able to pull off another series. Please leave us with the good memories and release a special edition box set instead!!

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