Plastic Fantastic

A seven-year-old has had plastic surgery in the USA (where else!).  When I first heard the news I was horrified .. then it transpired that all she had done was have her ears pinned back – check out the result below.

Her parents’ motive was to prevent their child from being bullied. I quite liked her cute sticky out ears BUT completely appreciate her parents’ concerns.

I wonder why I find this form of plastic surgery acceptable but if she’d had a nose job I would think it wrong.  I suppose getting ears pinned back is corrective surgery rather than purely cosmetic – this is more similar to getting braces to straighten teeth.


2 Comments to “Plastic Fantastic”

  1. she looks really cute in the first pic, did she get her hair cut too? poor little thing, won’t she get bullied for that now?

  2. I know a boy at school who had his ears pinned back. He did get bullied for a while and then the bullies stopped finding it funny. Maybe his sticky outie ears would have got him picked on forever.. We will never know.

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