Boyz From Da Hood

You must have heard that William Hague has sent ten “battle hardened” soldiers to help organise the rebels in Libya with the fight against Gaddafi.    Why don’t we send in Ross Kemp to help out as well – he will sort out the rabble and then with his close connections with the News of the World, he can pose for pictures with Libyans holding the Union Flag.

Sir Menzies Campbell has helpfully reminded everyone that the Vietnam war was started by a US President who sent over some miliatary advisors.

The rebels in Libya have no military background and so will need training – even though Hague is at pains to state that we are not doing this. We are also not supplying arms to the rebels. Oh really? Then can anyone explain to me how these rebels, most of whom were ordinary civilians, are shooting new rocket launchers into the sky? How on earth did they obtain ANY weapons if we are not supplying them?

Are we still supposed to believe that we are not interested in regime change, even though Cameron has said “to leave Gaddafi in power would be an unconscionable betrayal”?

As I gaze into my crystal ball, I predict that the rebels will need training, then we will be a little more involved in helping them, then we will decide that the rebels are not organised enough to rule themselves so we will oversee fair elections that will ensure the election of a friendly leader who will continue to do business with us like he’s supposed to.


One Comment to “Boyz From Da Hood”

  1. How do politicians get away with blatantly lying like that? I feel quite helpless as a voter/citizen all te parties are as bad as each other we have no say.

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