Britain’s Beaches

Britain has really wonderful beaches. For years I have packed my bags to go abroad in seek on sun and sand. This year, I took to the British coasts of Devon and Cornwall. Here I have found beautiful bays landscaped along amazing cliff coastline or set in front of quaint quintessentially British villages. If visiting this part of the world, top recommends are Cawsands, Mothecombe Bay and Bude.


Cawsands is a ferry ride from Plymouth harbour. You arrive at a tiny pebble beach and a colourful seaside village that is ghost town in the winter. A picnic with a bottle of Gavi made a lovely accompaniment to basqueing in the sun and dipping my feet into freezing cold sea.

Mothecombe Bay is like a secret hideaway. This stunning bay that is three little beaches when the tide is in becomes one large sandy bay around 2pm everyday. This beach is surrounded by green fields for miles on end. You really do feel you are in the middle of nowhere. A lovely barbe on the beach with the local catch made for a scrummy lunch.

Finally Bude. One of the gems of Cornwall, this beach is a smallish cove on the north west coastline of Cornwall. We found it a great family beach with an amazing cafe which served platters of locally caught fish for very reasonable prices.

Apparently, this Easter weekend has generated around £70 million pounds in extra tourism revenue for the region. I am not surprised. The weather has been great and with the soaring prices of taking a family abroad, I would really consider staying in England as a great option.


5 Comments to “Britain’s Beaches”

  1. Hi Bunty

    Glad you’re enjoying your holiday!

    My family home is in Scotland ten minutes from the coast and the beaches there are beautiful. We are so lucky we live on a little island, we are never far from a beach. Okay the weather is not Mediterranean but our beaches are just as beautiful in the right weather. I was in the Hebrides earlier this year and the beaches were sublime!

    I am in land-locked Delhi no where near the sea, there is nothing like sea breeze.

    Welsh readers let us know about your beaches too.

  2. Bunty, from a very young age my parents took us to various beaches on the west & east coasts of scotland. Ive continued this by taking my children at every opportunity. I recommend ‘troon’ beach which is on the west coast of scotland. I took my youngest child for the first time a few weeks ago. He is 9 months old and had so much fun digging holes in the sand with his mini spade. Memories to look back on & cherish. Which reminds me of one of my happiest childhood memories which is captured in a photo….my cousins burying my brother in the sand at silversand beach in aberdour on east coast of scotland.

  3. Thanks TwinklingStar. I am in Scotland in June and will bear your recommendation in mind. I really did have one of the best holidays in England. I love our beaches and will continue to take my children. They both had the times of their lives.

  4. Hi Bunty and Bubbly, we’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog—and we especially loved this post bigging up Britain’s beaches!
    We thought that you might be interested to know that we’ve run a feature on Britain’s Best Beaches in the August issue of Reader’s Digest — check out our facebook album for some of the photographs we’ve compiled, or visit our website for a taster of the feature:

  5. Thanks Rachel, for your comment. We will definitely check out your website. I love exploring beaches in England. It reminds me of my youth and I am pleased I can share this with my children.

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