Ladies Don’t Love Cool J

Ashley Judd has been getting some stick Stateside for making comments about rap music containing sexist, misogynistic lyrics.

Ashley has had to apologise and rephrase her comments as she got more attention than she anticipated but I find the debate surrounding the story interesting.

I think her points are quite correct but many people have objected to her comments because she is white!  Some people think the comments would have been better received if Queen Latifah had said them, which I find unbelievable.  I despair that we are not (apparently) allowed to comment on issues unless we share ethnic backgrounds and skin colour.  Pulling the race card is lazy debating. Why don’t rap stars come out and say that we should lighten up or  take the negative publicity in their stride?

Besides being sexist, rap music is so dated and boring I don’t know why anyone listens to it anymore.


6 Comments to “Ladies Don’t Love Cool J”

  1. skin colour has nothing to do with an opinion

  2. Rap music is also homophobic .. they haven’t come up with anything original since the 90s. YAWN

  3. Have you heard that new track black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow

    Are rappers trying to sound thick on purpose?

  4. Hi MJK

    I haven’t heard that track but have you heard beyonce’s latest rubbish? Let’s hope someone remixes it for her, it’s so pathetic. Don’t listen to it VB, it’s very 90s!

  5. Tell you something else pathetic about Beyonce – I saw her new perfume ad and didn’t recognise her, she’s been air-brushed out of recognition.

    I can’t believe I was so in love with her … and now she’s just all tits and bums with nothing new to offer

  6. I heard a new r’n’b tune on the radio last week. Think it was called ‘buzzing’ and i loved it because it was real r’n’b and reminded me of the 90’s. All i need now is Blackstreet to re-release ‘no diggity’!!

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