Govinda 40 Years Young

Where to begin with this one…

So many questions…why is he looking up her skirt? Why is he wearing so much make up? And how much hairspray in his mullet? What about the fashion? The title of the movie? But who is it targeted at and are you enticed?  Is he the new Benny Hill?  Someone please pass me my smelling salts…his earring…

I first saw this poster in a newspaper and it was not nice viewing with my morning cuppa.  I think the movie is about a guy in a midlife crisis but I’m not sure.  Govinda must be well over 40 for goodness sake, isn’t Bollywood pushing the limits of artistic licence allowing their old database of male actors to play younger roles?  At least this casting is not as bad as Amir Khan acting as a college teenager in 3 Idiots – he must be in his 50s.


6 Comments to “Govinda 40 Years Young”

  1. Oh my god .. I am totally cracking up reading this – thank you so much for this gem!

    And if you say the film title in an Indian accent, it’s even better !

  2. That poster is sick will it be relesed on the uk? how embarrassing

  3. i think it’s been released now god help us

  4. Oh god, please don’t let this film be shown over here – that’s all we need – posters like this all over the tube and for one of my friends to ask me if I’m “into Bollywood”

  5. I have just read this coming back from a holiday. This is hilarious, ridiculous and down right embarrassing!! Midlife crisis in Bollywood!

    Wow, I am surprised that this poster is out in India. I thought this kind of promiscuity was done behind closed doors….

  6. Pathetic guy and pathetic industry

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