The Bold and The Beautiful

Road tolls in Greece are bearing the brunt of Greek anger towards their country having to restructure their national debt.  As the reality of the cuts begin to sink in,  many Greeks have refused to pay the country’s road tolls, much like the M6 Toll (bit pricey by the way!) and this is sparking a movement of defiance and disobedience.

It got me thinking about how we in Britain just grumble about rising prices and have a natter about the cost of living over cups of tea and Rich Tea biscuits but we just pay for everything without questioning or protesting.  I think we should be Bold like the Greeks .. but what should we refuse to pay for?

The BBC seems like an easy target but I love the Beeb, especially Radio 4, so what else .. what about road tax? No, I’d be too scared.  I’m just not Bold enough to go through with things like that.

Now for the Beautiful bit:

Mmmmmmm where was I?  Oh yes, so if this Greek guy turns up homeless as his country faces eceonomic meltdown ..  be a doll and comfort him won’t you?


5 Responses to “The Bold and The Beautiful”

  1. Bubbly, this is a classic…the increasing price of petrol!! When fuel prices went above 100p a litre there was an uproar but yet today when they are nearly 140p it just seems to be accepted!! I am weak, however, and will continue paying the crazy prices because im too lazy to get the bus. Oh well! Dont worry about potential homeless greek guy….im sure i’d be able to accomodate him for a bit!

  2. wow petrol’s a great choice!

  3. Let’s decide what the train fair should be for the journey we experienced.

  4. Let’s stop paying for first class stamps royal mail gives such a bad service now.
    That guy is gorgeous!


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