What To Wear To The Wedding?

Here are my three suggestions of dresses to wear to picnics or parties for the Royal Wedding:

This pretty summer dress is from Oasis and it’s only £48 and if you order it before the end of today (Wed) you get an extra 20% off…buy it here.  Note to petites, I’m not sure if Oasis do a petite version but this dress has tight cuffs so you should be able to push them up to not looked drowned and you won’t lost the style as the sleeve is already in that shape.

Next, is a gorgeous knit dress in the sale by Catherine Malandrino:

It comes with a nude slip and is £149, available at Outnet.

And finally a gorgeous sea green dress by Hobbs:

This dress is £169 but it’s a good day/evening dress.  The shape and colour will be very flattering.  Just pack the picnic before you put the dress on!


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