Talk To My Face

A Telegraph journalist drew attention to a Labour MP’s cleavage yesterday by putting it in her post and asking who the MP was.

No longer in the Lost & Found box, the breasts belong to Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan.  While newspapers and journalists battle and debate whether the cleavage should have been pointed out at all, I do feel it rasies the issue of appropriateness.

I’m not being an old fashioned minnie here, I am a fashion designer, but I do feel that there is a time and a place for displaying your assets and perhaps centre front in Parliament is not it.  I have never been to the Houses of Parliament (also on my To Do list) so don’t know if it was terribly hot and I also don’t have big breasts so am inexpereinced in dealing with them.

My sister constantly laments being busty and the problems it causes.  She feels people constantly stare at her chest while she lectures and does tutorials.  I think she’s really lucky and the size issue is in her head but I know it causes her some stress so I do consider this when shopping for her (yes, I do).

What do you think, should MP Lisa Nandy have buttoned up or is it okay to show cleavage in Parliament?


6 Comments to “Talk To My Face”

  1. I’m a bit flat too so don’t have issues with boobs showing but she is quite undressed and ready for action, buttoned down and all…

  2. I’ve been to wigan. The civil law courts are opposie a lap dancing bar that is open for lunch.

    A barrister I was working with informed me that it was not unusual to bump into a few crusty judges in there.

    She’s probably dresseed quite demurely for wigan!

    Nice rack Nandy, but daytime clevage is nasty!

  3. I feel a little sorry for Nandy as this could have simply been a wardrobe malfunction – as a larger chested woman (32 E) I have had to deal with buttons popping open etc. She has obviously dressed ok in the past. The more I think about it, the more I believe it to be a mistake – she’s crossed her arms and that has inadvertently pulled her top lower and she didn’t realise.

    I can look “ready for action” without even meaning to – if I wear something as plain as a vest and cardigan I can look like a page 3 girl. And I also can’t simply wear something baggy as that doesn’t look office-smart, also I am petite and not skinny which means baggy clothes swamp me and I look like a fat dwarf.

    Isn’t it more interesting that in 2011 we are discussing what a female MP is wearing rather than what she has to say? Nandy highlighted a very important issue in parliament which was about a government department that underwrites risky business activities in third world countries. This includes, for example, an electricity plant built in India which is not being used as the Indian government can’t afford to use it. The buyer pulls out of the deal and the project price is billed to the country as part of its third world debt.

    I am also interested that a female journalist was used by the Telegraph to push this story …

    This is in the same week that David Cameron patronised a female MP by telling her to “calm down dear” – we lament the fact that women are unrepresented in parliament – would you seriously want to work in that environment?

  4. Agree with above comment – and if you look, she is really squished in by the people next to her which means that she is having to push her boobs in even more.

    It is very sad that stories like this come out as women will be even more put off by a career in politics. Lisa is a Newcastle Uni politics graduate – she is very intelligent and has worked for incredible causes, yet I had never heard of her until her tits get an outing.

  5. But perhaps she might benefit from the publicity everyone knows who she is now and might become interested in her causes she sounds like she is raising important issues.

  6. I think this might have been a wardrobe malfunction. Surely there is more important things to be reporting on from the House of Commons than Nandy’s cleavage. Yes not the most appropriate but let’s focus on her politics. Hopefully this publicity will do her more good than harm. We need more women in parliament!

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