Step Up

Like 2 billion people around the world, I watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, elegant bride, beautiful dress yada yada, great event and so on.  The person I was most impressed with was the Queen in her high heels.

How impressive is it that the Queen is in her eighties and still rocks heels?  I want to be like that when I’m older.  I love the matching bag too, I wonder what she carries in it.  My mum still carries tissues in her bag in case me or my sister need them (we’re both in our 30s).  I wonder if there are tissues in there for Charles – kids!


2 Comments to “Step Up”

  1. I love that Queenie was in heels – and she even managed a smile given that her grandson married a commoner!

    My mum is only in her mid 50s and recently one of her mates bought her a pair of high heels saying “I loved these shoes but can’t wear them so got them for you” .. my mum loves the heels and told me that she’s actually one of the only women in her circle of friends that still wears heels even though she’s slightly older than most of them.

    It’s so boring that a lot of Asian women move into comfortable practical shoes as soon as they start having babies! And who said it was ok to wear trainers with shalwar kameez???

  2. The Queen looked amazing. The whole ensemble worked!! I too love the fact that she still dons the heels. Having recently gone back to heels since having two children and what felt like a hip replacement recovery, I can honestly I enjoy their femininity and sexiness. Makes my stumpy legs look much better!!

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