Barbecuing Britain

With two bank holidays in succession and a mini heatwave to top off the sun tans, the best way to enjoy the sun is to tuck into a barbecue.

Barbecues and everything associated with them are flying out of the shops. I have had four barbecues in a week. More than I have all year!

You can do quick and easy such as sausages and burgers, or spend a little time and marinade some chicken, lamb, fish etc…

A great quick  simple fish marinade is thai sweet chilli sauce, lemon grass, coriander, red chillis, salt and pepper, soy sauce. Make it into a paste and marinade. works well on prawns, tuna and salmon. Yummy!!!

Happy Barbecuing…..


One Comment to “Barbecuing Britain”

  1. They’re the best thing about summers the marinade sounds delicious

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