Osama Bin Laden Killed

Americans celebrate as the death of Osama Bin Laden, US’s most wanted man, is announced. A stealthy operation that had been in the planning for over 6 months  led to a raid of his mansion home outside Islamabad and  two shots in the head.

His body was quickly taken away by U.S. forces for a DNA test to confirm his identity. Obama wanted evidence that he was dead, and evidence is what he got. Bin Laden’s DNA was matched with that of one of his sisters who died in Boston and whose brain was kept by the United States.

The congratulations and applause for Obama and the US military are pouring in. However, there are those political commentators who feel that it is undignified to be jubilant. Many civilians have died in US’s attempt to capture Bin Laden. His regimes have not been overturned and the west now lie in the terror of revenge attacks.

However, after ten years of chasing a man around the mountains of Afghanistan, one can hardly blame the Americans for celebrating.

On this day, my thoughts are not with the triumphant military but with all those who has lost their lives in the fight against Bin Laden.


5 Comments to “Osama Bin Laden Killed”

  1. It scares me to think that this man was living in Pakistan’s capital city, and not hiding out in some cave in the mountains. How can no one have noticed before???

    And I find it shocking that people are celebrating. I agree with you Bunty that we should be thinking of the tens of thousands of lives, both Afghan civilians and soldiers, that have been lost in pursuit of this one man.

    I am happy that he is gone and can no longer unleash terror in the west through horrific acts of violence, but Al Qaeda still exists, as do plenty of Bin Laden’s henchmen who will come up with new and equally horrific acts. It would have been better to bring this man to justice – ALIVE. We may have been able to learn something from him, such as what drives young men to kill completely innocent people by blowing themselves up. Learning the root cause of their hate and finding a way to address it and come to some mutual ground is the only way we can ever put a stop to this mess.

  2. I feel this news is highly convenient for the USA. Obama has officially kicked off his re-election campaign and we need to justify intervention in Libya. No care or concern was given to the civilians of Pakistan who may now be victims of revenge attacks by al qaeda. Are American lives more important? Security is a global concern and violence in the name of security should consider all consequences.
    I can’t think of a more worthy recipient of the Nobel Peace prize.

  3. Dear Bunty

  4. Dear Bunty

    I have enjoyed your blog thus far but feel compelled to add a comment for the first time (hence the mistake above!)

    I was very embarrassed (for you) to read this post as it contains many factual errors – but then when I read the comment from Mysterious Pinkie I was irritated on her behalf as you have misinformed us in your blog and have yet to amend your mistakes and it is many days since your post.

    I think you need to re-think what this blog is about. You call yourself the Uncensored Household and therefore ask that we “join the debate” yet your article contains very little opinion on which to comment upon.

    Are you now a news blog? I sincerely hope not. Your blog was posted almost 14 hours after the event, so I certainly shall not be referring to you for information. You state that Osama was killed in his mansion home in Islamabad. Are you sure of this? Check the facts, he was over 100 km away from the capital. You state that the planned operation took over 6 months – well the released facts state that Osama’s courier was being tracked for 2 years.

    An informative news blog that records events hours after they take place and then misinform us?

    Or are you a discussion site? Then where is the discussion?

    Why not discuss whether it was disrespectful to throw him in the sea? Did he use his wife as a human shield? How likely was that? Are we seriously to believe that the Pakistanis did not know that he was living in the equivalent of Sandhurst? Or worse still, if the Pakistanis did not know, then isn’t this a violation of international law to enter into a sovereign state to take out an enemy? How would USA react if the Pakistanis flew under the radar to assassinate someone on the Pakistani Hit List? Was Osama worth assassinating in this way given that he has no operational role with al qaeda for many years? The Pakistanis have harboured this terrorist – why is everyone as pains to suggest that they should be pardoned for this? Osama was not armed – so how did he resist arrest? How grotesque to consider releasing pictures of his dead body – is this not offensive? What of the cheers of delight in USA – is this not repugnant? To rejoice in anyone’s death? What of the valid discussion that no matter how disgusting you find Osama (and I do) he did actually teach us that USA simply label civilian deaths as collateral damage, so why can American civilian lives not be considered the same?

    The discussion is of course vast and you unfortunately treat it with an article verging on boredom.

    • Thank you for your comment and for pointing out my error of location on this post. However, as far as any other considered inaccuracies, the stories are continuously changing on Bin Laden’s death. Everyday we are finding out that something that was said the day before is no longer true.
      The Chatterjis is not a news blog. We do not expect any of our readers to use us as a form of news. We provide our opinions on news, social and topical issues. On this case, I wished to write about American celebrations and the need for dignity. I appreciate that you felt there were other things to discuss and found this rather boring.
      Clearly this article has sparked something inside of you to enter into discussion even if it is disagreeing with my subject choice.
      I hope you continue to comment and enjoy our blog. As we are only human, please feel free to point out any inaccuracies we may write.

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