Marry Her Or Else…..

The plot thickens as the courts hears today of how Shrien Dewani wanted out of his marriage with Anni Dewani. The full story can be read   at

The family insist that this was not an arranged marriage but a marriage of love. An unnamed witness says that Shrien would have been disowned by his family if he had broken off the engagement. Once again, something about this case does not add up.

A previous article “Who Knows Our Suitors” here on The Chatterjis discussed the background checks needed when suitors were being arranged for daughters. The mere nature of this case and what is being evidenced does make one wonder whether arranged marriages have a place in today’s society.

Of course this is quite an extreme case and there has to be something quite disturbing about someone who would choose murder to avoid disownment. However, it does highlight that the stranglehold that parents can have over their children can make people do awful things. Suicide is just one.

Shrien is innocent until proven guilty even though his innocence seems to be diminishing.


4 Comments to “Marry Her Or Else…..”

  1. Didn’t she find out (after marrying him) that he was gay?

  2. Why was he not afraid of being disowned by his family if he was tried for murder? Asian families are crazy sometimes.

  3. Interesting that he is now being extradited. Innocent ’til proven guilty but Anni’s family deserve to know what happened.

  4. He is guilty.

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