AV Or Not AV

British politics may change forever if the Alternative Vote is voted for on May 5th. Nick Clegg has been publicising AV prior to the general election and this coalition government was formed on the agreement that a referendum on this voting reform would take place.

Are you confused about the Alternative Vote? The following link explains it in 2 minutes.


Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband suggest that AV is a fairer voting system. David Cameron exlains it to be long winded and expensive.

The AV system was considered and dismissed by the Liberal Prime Minister Herbert Henry Asquith in the early 1900’s. It now seems to be the only way the Liberal’s will get into Parliament.

One thing that is true of AV is that every vote does count.

What’s your vote?


One Comment to “AV Or Not AV”

  1. Bit cheeky of David Cameron to promote democracy in Libya but not in the UK. Every vote should indeed count but I would like to be able to select none of the parties and for that to be counted too. There is hardly any difference between the three main parties what difference does it make who we vote for?

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