Vintage: Stylish or Stinky?

The world’s biggest vintage fair (probably unsubstantiated, just like the world’s favourite airline claim) is currently taking place in Manhattan.

I do love vintage pieces but some of the shops do stink of vintage sweat, especially on a rainy day.  Going to vintage shops is like being on a treasure hunt, most days you won’t find anything you like and then you will find perfection. 

The appeal of vintage is always the uniqueness of the piece and that you can make it your own by styling it with contemporary fashion.  What I like about vintage is the thought of giving an item of clothing a second life.

Among my collection of vintage, I have a beautiful Valentino couture cocktail dress and a beaded top which began its life in India in the 1960s when it must have been embroidered, then it went to Manhattan as the label indicates but I bought it in London and now have it here with me in Delhi – what a globetrotter top it is.  I brought it back to its home for more parties and action.

Tell us about your vintage favourites and what their passport would show.


6 Comments to “Vintage: Stylish or Stinky?”

  1. I love vintage shopping and could spend hours rummaging around vintage shops and charity shops to get classic vintage pieces. Marshmallow Mountain in Carnaby Street is a great little shop to seek some hidden treasures. If you can’t find anything there, Brick Lane or Hoxton are full of shops to browse in.
    They are a bit stinky though…but get passed that and you can have a little gem in your hands.
    Another great place is Traid in Westbourne Grove. With customers such as Stella McCartney and Sadie Frost, this little charity shop seems to find great pieces to sell.
    I have a 1960’s Chanel jacket from jacket from Oxfam in Westborne Grove which I have worn to death!!! I had a gorgeous handpainted leather skirt which I have given to a friend because I will never fit into it again.
    The carbon footprint of these vintage clothes are huge. They are suppose to be environmentaly friendly….

  2. I love my jade Russell & Bromley bag, it was £4 in a vintage shop and people always comment on how gorgeous it is.

  3. I love my hermes scarf – for ages it smelled of a dead person but I have finally managed to get rid of the smell

  4. I love the vintage shops under the arches in Edinburgh they have amazing stuff.

  5. paris is great for vintage finds, it’s such a nice way to spend an afternoon.

  6. How do you guys do it though?

    I can go to vintage shops all afternoon and only find crap – to me vintage shops will simply be jumble sales. I’m just not stylish enough to find something amazing or even if I do – lets say I find a funky jumper – the look that I will achieve is odd-looking pensioner.

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