Bello Vito

A prequel to Godfather has been given the green light.  The new tale/movie will focus on Vito Corleone’s rise to Don status.  I don’t know about you but I am a huge Godfather fan and I think this is unnecessary.The story is already perfect and this just seems like a money spinning exercise.  How will they cast a young Vito Corleone? The wonderful and special element about the Godfather movies was that the cast stayed for all three movies and was itself like a family.  Vito’s rise to power will be just another gangster flick with cute outfits, nothing substantial.


3 Comments to “Bello Vito”

  1. Oh how gutting – they will probably make a collosal mess of it too – how dreadful were the Star Wars prequels?

    My friend bought a limited boxette which put the Godfather in chronological order which was rubbish!

    I will watch this prequel IF they cast Vito properly and please, Dear God, let there be no boring plot line around Vito’s relationship with his subserviant wife zzz

  2. makes me want to dig out my old dvds and watch again, something to do this weekend.

  3. Seems like Hollywood are running out of ideas. Leave great films alone!
    Agree Vakeel Bibi, prequel to Star Wars really left a lot to be desired.

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