Is anybody else feeling a little sorry for Nick Clegg?

Last night was suicidal for the Deputy Prime Minister. The man has witnessed the worst results in local elections for the Liberal Demorats since the 1980’s, 70% of the population voted against AV and his entire flock seems to be blaming him for the Tory cuts. David Cameron is grinning like a chesire cat!!

The stability of this coalition government is now questionable.

I do not know where Nick Clegg goes from here. He has lost the faith of those that believed in him and David Cameron seems to have made a laughing stock of him. I was one of those who did believe in him and feel very sadly let down.

After the general election, Clegg held so many cards on the future of the United Kingdom. In his role as Deputy Prime Minister, he could have created and caused much more fuss over those policies that were not part of his party’s manifesto. Today, there are calls for his resignation.

It seems that marriage between Cameron and Clegg is on the rocks and may not last its term. Whatever happens, I would love to be a fly on the wall in those cabinet meetings and maybe now, we will see what Clegg is really made of.


2 Comments to “Cleggocide”

  1. I don’t feel sorry for him at all or the lib dems they are proving exactly what most people thought even before the election that they are not to be taken seriously. They don’t know what to do with real power and how to manage it. I don’t think it’s over yet for nick clegg though he just needs to toughen up.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for him either – the Lib Dems have continuously embarrassed themselves since being in power. It pains me to think of that dreadful interview he did with Khan saying he is human and some harsh comments make him CRY!! What self-respecting stateman would give such a mushy interview? I know it may appeal to Guardian readers but they are a minority and to the rest of us, he comes across as a bit of a joke (which is exactly how David Cameron referred to him and continues to treat him).

    I used to think Vince Cable was a great economist and was excited about him joining the front bench and what a disaster he has turned out to be! All of his public comments have been so indiscreet that I am no longer interested in him. What did Vince Cable say on student loans – I signed the pledge not to increase university fees, now in government I think we do need to increase the fees but I’m not going to attend Parliament on the day to vote for them to be increased. Is he insane?

    And don’t get me started on the Murdoch debacle, Danny Alexander and the AV vote (all the Lib Dems want PR and I would have voted for PR – they couldn’t even get that right!)

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