As You Were

Now that Enemy No 1 has been killed can we all go back to normal now with international civil liberties?  Will governments now claim that Al Qaeda is even more of a threat as they seek revenge for the USA’s revenge killing in this Abrahamic tit-for-tat? 

It will only end with our leaders stripping away all our civil liberties in the name of security as they themselves make the world an unsafe place for us to live, work and enjoy life in.  Revenge supercedes the requirement of UN resolutions or the sovereignty of nations.

The USA has shown it is a childish immature nation with too much pocket money to buy power and fancy toys.  Why could the USA not set a global example of justice and moral high ground by capturing Osama bin Laden alive and make him stand trial as an ordinary citizen, which is what he was.  Never mind questions of ‘oh but where would he be tried and under which jurisdiction’ we did not even get to consider a trial as it was not an option and that is the tragedy of the assassination of bin Laden – the loss of the rule of law.

The legal system may not be as swift or glamorous as 007-style Navy SEALS but it exists as a framework of a civilized society.  No one and no one nation should be accepted as being above the law, is our planet about to become an ungovernable free-for-all?

We are all now treated as potential terrorists, our own governments look at us suspiciously turning neighbours and communities against each other and thinking of new ways to invade our privacy like 3D scanning of our bodies in airports.  We lost the civil liberties war a long time ago.


One Comment to “As You Were”

  1. Hi Bubbly,
    Last week, Paddy Ashdown iterated your sentiments on Question Time. He was involved in the Milosevic trial and felt that any country who decided to ignore the legal justice system and take the law into their own hands was stepping down a very dangerous path.
    I am caught in two minds with this one which is why it has taken me so long to comment. I believe that the judicial system is the best way, but I also wonder what a trial would have achieved.
    Paddy Ashdown who was a part of the secret service did make an extremely valid point. Nobody really knows what happened. Bin Laden would have been asked to surrender but if he didn’t immediately, the seal officer would have to make a spilt second decision. His life and his team’s life or Bin Laden. There would have only been one choice Having not been in that situation, I feel I cannot comment on what they should have done.
    What disturbs me tremendously about this is the US watching the raid unfold in tv as if it was Rambo. This was horrific and for me suggests that it was more than likely the Navy Seal Officers were asked to kill him.

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