Enter If You’re A Virgin

Around 80 unmarried Asian girl were subjected to intrusive and humiliating virginity tests at Heathrow Airport during 1970’s . Girls who failed the virginity tests were denied access into Britain.

The case that originally caused alarm was of an Asian teacher who was entering into the Britain with her fiance. British immigration did not believe that she was a bride to be and subjected her to a vaginal examination by a male doctor. Indeed the examination verified that she was a virgin.

Whilst the practice was banned in Britain in 1979, newly discovered Home Office files that have been published by The Guardian, indicate that the practice was a lot more widespread, particularly in the British High Commission offices of India and Pakistan. Senior Foreign Office officials reported 73 cases in New Delhi and a further nine in Bombay between 1976 and 1979.

An apology from the British government should be forthcoming and I would think so too. How dare a promiscuous British society think they have the right to subject Asian women to a depraved and rape-like experience. I sit aghast as I read this report. The knowledge that Asian women kept their virginity until getting married was totally taken advantage of.

The violation of human rights, civil liberties and the degradation associated with immigration inflicted upon these Asian women is shameful. Sadly, virginity tests may have been abolished in Britain, but they are still used around the world and have been part of the protest deterrent in the Middle East.


2 Comments to “Enter If You’re A Virgin”

  1. This is shocking – it’s hard to believe this went on in the 70s. I have read that newly weds were subjected to intrusive questions but this is much worse!

    I recently read A Fine Balance which is set in 1970s India, unfortunately things were pretty bad in S Asia too with forced sterilisations etc

    I was born in ’76 and I find it incredible that violations of human rights were done on this scale by governments. I wonder whether in 30 years we will look aghast at things that happened in 2011…

  2. Hi Bunty

    What a shocking report. I think the British government should apologise too, which woman’s stomach doesn’t turn at the thought of such an invasion of privacy?


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