Revolting Recipes

Last week The Guardian published some recipes with ox tongue and pig cheek.  They sound pretty gross to me even though I’m not a vegetarian.  Some things are simply for dedicated carnivores and the brave.

The recipes reminded me of when my mum used to try to make us eat kidney (shudder) and trotter soup – yes your heard it.  Last year at my cousin’s wedding this soup was served up as a gourmet breakfast in my house, pancakes are fine thanks.  The wonderful thing about my mum though is how loves her children’s disgust at the things she eats and takes a lot of pleasure from being different.  She feels sorry for me and my generation that we wouldn’t find trotters delicious and is glad as it leaves more for her and the other oldies.

But, we will turn into her one day – my sister and I used to screw our faces up and tell mum she was gross as she drank her lassi, enjoying every sip, making savouring sounds and laughing at our faces.  We both love lassi now, I just hope I never see myself eating monkey brain like in Indiana Jones!


4 Comments to “Revolting Recipes”

  1. No those recipes don’t sound good. I had a chicken soup one time that had the feet in I wasn’t expecting them so freaked. Obviously the meal ended there.

  2. Yesterday my boyfriend made dinner.

    It was small square oven-baked potatoes (about 5-6 of them) with a can of spaghetti hoops SPAGHETTI HOOPS for god’s sake and a huge squirt of tomato ketchup.

    That is the worst meal I have ever been served.

  3. I saw pickled snakes while on holiday in Vietnam, I am so scared of snakes, imagine seeing that!

  4. Yuk, Yuk, and more Yuk!
    These stories are making my stomach churn!
    In China, I saw a snake slit into two, barbecued and the blood being passed around. I really did think I was in Indiana ones. I became a vegetarian very quickly.
    Fish Fry, I hate snakes too. They have pickled snakes in Taiwan too.

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