Always On Trend

If you didn’t know already, one of the latest trends in fashion is a lesbian friend. It gave me much delight to read this and know that as someone who has not one but two lesbian friends, I am now Super Trendy.

I relayed this news and thanks to my friends who were quite amused and worried that they were now fashionable. I reassured them that indeed they were not fashionable, only that they made me more fashionable. This caused much laughter and comfort as they are most certainly not followers of any kind of fashion, fast or otherwise but are happy to accessorise me.

Unfortunately you can’t buy this trend from Oxford Street, friendship is for life not just for Spring/Summer 2011.


7 Comments to “Always On Trend”

  1. So should I dump my gay best friend?

  2. Why is this on trend ?

    Share some insights into improvements to your life by having lesbian friends please!

    I only have a gay friend (I know a few other gays but they are too camp for me to handle!) My gay friend is the bestest thing in the whole whide world .. and to Thick Eyebrows above .. he would never let me leave the house without plucking!

  3. fashion is fickle, no reason why it’s on trend just like there is no reason why anything is in fashion.

  4. Nothing wrong with my eyebrows thanks! Don’t like WAG look.

  5. I love the name thick eyebrows. Are you really Koo Stark???
    I am not trendy whatever then, because I only have a few gay friends!! I have only ever encountered 2 lesbians in my whole life!!

  6. Thick eyebrows – I was not being offensive! I have thick eyebrows too, but the only reason there are two eyebrows and not one unruly slug across my face is thanks to my gay friend and my sister.

  7. No offence taken yes no one wants a monobrow how that Indian actress Kajol got away with her terrible eyebrow is a mystery to me.

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