The Real Thing

What a hypocrite Osama bin Laden was. The Indian Express reported that he used to get deliveries of Coca Cola to his house. I hope someone rakes through his garbage to find McDonalds packaging, Calvin Klein underwear and baseball gear too.

Imagine that the person who hated America the most and told his followers to do the same had a taste for one of the biggest flagship brands and exports of the U.S.A.  I have never tasted them but perhaps alternatives Zam Zam Cola and Mecca Cola taste like medicine.

I hope the Navy SEALs found evidence to confirm that rumour about bin Laden’s apparent obsession with The Bodyguard and Whitney Houston.  Of all the news reports about bin Laden since 9/11 I found that one the most amusing.


6 Comments to “The Real Thing”

  1. He obviously had a love / hate relationship with America. It does make you think about people’s relationships with global brands…

  2. That is BRILLIANT .. what a loser !

    I remember reading of his obsession with Witney Houston and The Bodyguard – hilarious. That must be one of the most rubbish films of all time. I watched it as a teenage girl and loved it – recently watched again on TV and it is truly pants. To think of Osama watching it cracks me up. What on earth could he have liked about it – surely he didn’t have a secret crush on Kevin Costner (shudder)!

  3. I’m sure McD’s can’t have been far off. He used the internet a lot (American) and YouTube (American?) and Whitney is American. Fine, fine line between love and hate.

  4. Maybe he thought he was Kevin Costner?

  5. Apparently he even considered hiring a hit man to get Bobby Brown! You have to love a spurned girlfriend to dish the dirt.

  6. Fish Fry,

    Though the first packets of information were sent from one location to another (essentially email) in the USA, the first webpage was actually invented and built by an Englishman called Tim Berners-Lee while he was working at CERN in Geneva. But your point still holds, Bin Laden was hypocritical with what he thought was ok and not.

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