Behna Gets A Big Round Of Applause

Imagine sitting in someone’s house watching a play being performed right in front of you. There is no stage. An audience of 20 sit on stools in the kitchen and watch the drama of Behna unfold as if they are part of the guests invited to a house.

The audience are attending a Mehndi night before a Punjabi wedding. As they eat samosas and join in the dancing in the garden, they are ushered into the kitchen where one sibling is accusing the other of flirting with her husband.

The audience are immediately caught up in the tensions of this very heated and personal exchange that the hour and a half goes without a glance at a watch.

At one stage you do even forget you are watching a play as it is so well acted and so well staged. Behna (Sisters) by Sonia Likhari, with a cast of five, is currently being performed in a rented house in Dolls Hill until 20th May.

Sadly, it is totally sold out, but watch out for it again as it is well worth seeing should they add any further dates.


One Comment to “Behna Gets A Big Round Of Applause”

  1. Hi Bunty,

    I really like the concept I think it sounds great to be so close to the action. However, I find the topic quite uncreative – you could turn the telly on any night and see sister rivalry for a man and this storyline is especially common in asian soap operas. It’s boring and I can’t help being annoyed at such stories, they are so negative in their portrayal of relationships between women.

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