Pandora’s Box

So the big fuss about super-injunctions are dying down.  This week Twitter has rightly or wrongly exposed various celebs using super-injunctions and the court will not make orders to protect confidential information if it is no longer confidential.  Max Mosley also lost his case in Europe – he wanted to introduce a law that would require newspapers to notify people before printing stories about them.  In particular Mosley wanted to protect the feelings of the families of the people concerned.  Perhaps he should have thought of that before paying for sex with prostitutes.  I do feel sorry for his wife though although it’s questionable that she is still married to him (or his wallet).

I have mixed feelings about these injunctions – on the one hand Mosley never presented himself as a decent family guy and similarly I am uninterested in footballers sleeping with various plastic women but these guys are not politicians. It is easier to see the public interest in exposing serving politicians  – if these injunctions were introduced the parliamentary expenses scandal would never have happened.  Am I interested in a politician’s private life? I suppose I would be if the politician’s integrity was in question.  It is devious to have an extra-marital affair and if a politician can treat their partner with such disdain and disrespect, why would they not approach their public role with the same morals?  Does it affect their ability to serve the public?  I’m not sure… I know however, that I am glad we are not like the French where being a politician’s wife is a joke.


8 Comments to “Pandora’s Box”

  1. I looooove reading about footballers etc having affairs – they have all this money and fame and glory and their moronic wives smile at us in Hello magazine lounging on their Ralph Lauren cushions and so it is so satisfying to see that their marriage is a sham ! I need not be so jealous!

  2. I would want a super injunction if someone tried to publish pics of me with Jeremy clarkson shudder

  3. I have never understood the fascination with famous people’s lives. Are our own lives so dull that we need to gloat that other’s lives are not perfect either?

    As for politicians, I appreciate that having an affair is not moral, but I don’t think it should be judged in the same way as stealing from the taxpayer by claiming fraudulant expenses, or taking bribes for example. People fall in and out of love all the time. People’s hearts get broken. And I think people have a right not to have it splashed all over the front pages of a newspaper if its only purpose is to gossip.

  4. Mysterious Pinkie, I totally agree with you. I could not care less who and what these people sleep with.
    Newspapers are obsessed with scandals and then blame it on their readers. People have affairs for all sorts of reasons. This is their private life. Let’s stop putting all public figures on pedestals and judge them for the work they set out to do. Punish them for the crimes they commit. Let their spouses punish them for their infidelity. I really do not believe that because someone has had an affair they are unable to a political job. Statistics suggest that around 60% of men and 40% of women have affairs. Are we going to fire every CEO, FD, Barrister, Surgeon etc… for having an affair?

  5. you have to remember that celebrities crave attention. if the want media attention then they have to tolerate the good and bad. stating a statistic of 60% or 40% doesnt make an affair ok. i would question that persons character and would want to know before i voted or hired them. it seems that the law around injunctions needs to be looked at so it is no longer abused.

  6. Exactly, celebrities want to be able to pick and choose when something is news worthy, they can’t have it both ways. Their pathetic lives are inflicted on us whether we like it or not, does anyone really care about their affairs? None of them seem to do worse from the publicity whether bad or good and reader attention spans are short so they are lucky, they will be on to the next story in no time.

  7. I don’t care about Ryan Giggs keeping his pants on .. but I think I do care about politicians. First of all, a lot of their policies have a moral slant to them – eg the tories really push and reward marriage – how dare they tell me to get married and then have rampant sex with gay prostitutes (a reference to the 80s!)

    Also, I agree with Bunty, people do have affairs different reasons BUT the person is still untrustworthy. I do not employ Ryan Giggs so he can shag who he wants. Anyone who thinks he’s a role model is a bit of a moron anyway so Giggs having an affair won’t affect them. He can still play football so who cares?

    However, a politician is being paid by my taxes and s/he is there to serve me – I question their trustworthiness. If they lie on a daily basis to hide their tracks, what morals do they bring to Parliament? Such a weaselly person that doesn’t have the guts to divorce someone but prefer to lie and cheat? Aren’t they more likely to fiddle the books?

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