Botox Babe

An eight year old girl in the US was given Botox by her mother to make her look prettier in child beauty pageants. The full story can be read on BBC News

I am lifting my jaw off the floor whilst reading this story which highlights the ugly culture that surrounds child beauty pageants driving parents and children to extreme obsessions about their looks.

What was the mother thinking? Didn’t she realise how dangerous injecting Botox can be for children? ¬†Did she even care? I am amazed at her flippant attitude towards the whole matter as if this is the most normal thing in the world to do.

The damage the mother has done to this child is unmeasurable today and the effects will only be realised in years to come. Who knows what lies ahead for this girl but I doubt a beauty pageant will be on the horizon.


7 Comments to “Botox Babe”

  1. I first read about this back in March when started talking about it. I was STUNNED!!! She said she’s doing it so her daughter will grow up to be a star. It’s unbelievable. That mother is putting all the focus on the wrong things, this poor little girl is going to grow up criticizing every wrinkle and every scratch and every pound and it’s sad.

  2. This is truly awful – I can’t believe what I am reading.

    What a moron of a mother – she said her daughter says “oh mommy I have a wrinkle” !

    And to even teach your kids that chemicals will solve your problems?

    The impact on this kids life is going to be huge. I’m glad that it seems as though the authorities will put the kid into care.

  3. This story gives child abuse a whole new angle, imagine having a mother like that.

    Lilee I agree that this kid will be taunted for life over her looks as everyone sneers at the way she ages. It ain’t easy being a girl these days is it?

  4. What next ? Lypo on her chubby cheeks ?

  5. What next ? Lypo on her chubby cheeks ?

  6. Apparently it was all a hoax for the mum to make money:

    People are desperate.

  7. Aparantly this one is a hoax, but I don’t doubt for a second that there are actually parents out there like this. I know this is a terrible reference, but in the movie ‘Bruno’ with Sacha Baron Cohen, he shows an interview with childrens parents at a beauty pageant. Bruno tells some of the mothers that their children will need liposuction, to which (shockingly) they accept.

    Obviously the authenticity of the interviews can be debated, but I don’t doubt for a second that there are parents out there that would allow their children to undergo cosmetic surgery.

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