Hot Rabbit

Is anyone feeling slightly uncomfortable with some of the coverage of the rape allegation made against IMF Chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn ?

A lot of the reports, particularly in the French press, relate to his innocence (well, for someone who is nicknamed Hot Rabbit and The Great Seducer, I think we should wait and see what happens).  Obviously this is a blow to his career as the IMF will need surely need a new Chief but the news may also damage his political career as he was seen as the main contender to stand against Sarkozy in the French elections.   The French press believe that Strauss-Kahn is being treated more harshly as he is French – for example, being refused bail yesterday.

It is actually being reported that this is probably some sort of Machiavellian style campaign against Strauss-Kahn as everyone knows he is a womaniser (including his wife) and therefore his opponents planted a woman for him to “seduce” who then lodges a false claim thereby smearing him and getting rid of him.

Ok here’s my beef – the articles seem a little anti-woman.  I feel sad that newspapers can print as far-fetched a theory that people are “out to get” Strauss-Kahn but less likely to consider that a serial womaniser was finally unable to control his urges to the extent that he allegedly committed a violent crime including an attempt to imprison the woman.

Even the coverage of the journalist that has come forward to say she was also assaulted by him is almost being reported in a “oh really, how convenient that you are talking about this now”.  Do you remember how Desiree Washington was treated by the press when she alleged that Mike Tyson raped her?  That was TWENTY years ago and yet still when a woman says a high-profile man has raped her then someone must have put her up to it.


4 Comments to “Hot Rabbit”

  1. This whole case is making me feel sick. I feel like there is some sort of a media campaign on this story that the truth of what happened is going to be overshadowed by an alternative agenda.
    I bet he regrets his nicknames now though! I wonder if he will now be called “prick”.

  2. Ha ha – one newspaper called him Le Perv!

    I completely agree with this article – although being a womaniser and being a rapist are very different, it is interesting that French journalists’ imaginations cannot stretch that far, yet they can fabricate all sorts of conspiracy theories.

    I feel saddened generally re marriage. Le Perv’s wife accepts all his extra marital dalliances. Arnie has admitted fathering a child with a staff member while he was married. Every other celeb gets caught sending sex texts. Even someone as minging as John Major got some!

    Is it terribly old fashioned to stay faithful?

  3. Have you heard he’s on suicide watch? If he’s innocent then why all the stress? The French seemed to have forgiven him already so if he’s innocent he’s fine.

    Reported in France today: A freind of his says of course he’s innocent, he went out for lunch with his daughter afterwards.


  4. Great new nickname for him, Bunty!

    Vakeel Bibi, I didn’t know he was on suicide watch. He left his cell phone in the hotel room in his rush to flee the scene so perhaps it’s anxiety from not being able to update his facebook profile?

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