Diamonds Are A Guy’s Best Friend

I was in Rajasthan earlier this week on a trip and stayed at a very cute guest house. Upon arrival our host and owner of the guest house, Sanjay, came to welcome us and I couldn’t help but notice his earrings. There he was just casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with two gold studs looking really quite dashing.

I had previously only associated men in earrings with Mughals, chavs and hip hop stars but I think this is a lovely example of elegant male accessorising. Apparently in Rajasthan this is very common especially for the elder son. Who knows and who cares, I like it!


6 Comments to “Diamonds Are A Guy’s Best Friend”

  1. Sorry Bubbly – I hate to see jewels on a man. A watch .. maaaaaaaybe a wedding band (as long as it is understated) and that is it for me.

    Yesterday on the tube I was sitting next to an Indian guy wearing a gold wedding band with a big ruby at the centre – absolutely the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen !

  2. p.s. I also fell out of love with Harrison Ford after he studded up – what a loser!

  3. Yes I agree that one stud is not nice but I think 2 understated ones look good. I forgot about harisson Ford’s one it was pretty bad wasn’t it?

  4. I am not a fan of men with jewelery either. However, my husband wears an earing in the top of his ears and I can’t imagine hime any other way. I don’t like diamond studs though. There are a lot of youths around North London who wear studs and the bling thing really is a put off for me!!!

  5. i generally dont appreciate men wearing jewelery & def not earings. tho bunty uve not sold your husbands top ear piercing…it sounds awful…rather have a bit of diamond bling over that.

  6. Sorry ladies, as a young Asian Male, Id have to say that apart from my wristwatch, I’m totally against wearing jewellry. I think it looks really tacky and common (regardless of how much it costs).

    From my experience of growing up, I’ve found that it’s a certain type of guy that will wear earrings. These are the so called ‘cocky Asian rude boys’ who only wear them to show off how much money their family’s have.

    A stereotype I definitely do not wish to be a part of.

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