Racism Pays

The Obama campaign embarked on a cheeky way of raising cash by laughing at the people who demanded to see his birth certificate to prove he qualified to run for president.  I think this shows how to beat racism with humour very nicely and if a mug’s not your thing you can buy a T-shirt.  Imagine such a significant number of Americans still thought, even in 2011, that Obama was not born in the USA yet he has been running the country for years.  Now, how will he prove to Americans that he is not a muslim and was never a drug dealer.  Good grief!


5 Responses to “Racism Pays”

  1. That’s a good idea for fund raising but obama has been such a let down and I’m not even American so I don’t know why I feel that.

  2. It’s great to see a good sense of humour from the US President.
    I hear many people feeling let down by Obama. I wonder whether this is because we all pinned our hopes on him being so different from everyone else and being a hero.
    However, we have to remember that his office has been during such trying times for America and when he does try and introduce serious change, he is stopped by the bigger forces that run America, such as multi million pound industries that can lobby against every legislation.

  3. We have to remember that Obama came into power in the midst of the financial crisis. He hasn’t had the chance to flourish as much as his predecesors such as Ex-President Bill Clinton.

    As a non-American, I can cheekily say that I’m not surprised by some of their reactions towards Obama. Doesn’t do much for the stereotype of general American ignorance.


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