New Look For Bollywood at Cannes

A few Indian newspapers lamented over the weekend that the Bollywood stars who attended Cannes this year did not wear Indian dress or Indian designers but opted for Armani, Tom Ford, Lanvin and so on.  I think this is quite hypocritical as Indian actors are part of a global celebrity industry and it’s only natural for people to want a new look every so often.

Many blockbuster Indian films have been launched in Leicester Square before India, the industry loves their exotic western location shoots and token white people prancing around in dance sequences.  I don’t see the problem then if an Indian celebrity wants to try western fashion especially if the designs are couture, who would refuse?  And personally I think that even though the sari is one of the most elegant forms of dress in the world, sometimes it’s just plain wrong and doesn’t look right or it looks bad-ethnic not good-ethnic, I present exhibit A by Sabyasachi Mukherjee:

Not my cup of tea at all and I think the outfit looks cheap on the red carpet, more £10.99 Indian Barbie than the calibre of Cannes.

Exhibit B is the first image above of Ashwariya Rai.  Whether or not Ashwariya pulls it off is a different question but there is no doubt that it is a very glamorous dress by Armani Prive and the dress makes her look like a mega watt celebrity without fuss.

I say well done and about time too, there is life after red and gold after all.


5 Comments to “New Look For Bollywood at Cannes”

  1. Also, I suppose this comment is reserved for the women and not the men? How many of them turn up in national dress for god’s sake.

    The sari above is horrendous – she reminds me of the weird doll thing that Amitabh Bachchan has in Mukhadar ka Sikander

  2. Indian Barbie looks less rigid and better dressed.

  3. Hi Bubbly,
    This takes me back to why can’t women just wear what they want? If you’re in Cannes, where Armani, Valentino, Gucci, Pucci, Christian Dior and the rest sit proudly along La Croissette, why not wear the gorgeous couture outfits from talented European designers? This makes me so cross. She is Indian, she doesn’t need to dress in a sari to prove it!
    And yes, Vakeel Bibi, I bet the men weren’t criticised for turning up in Armani suits!!!

  4. I think all of those outfits are ugly – I’m including the guy in exhibit A.

    Just because something is traditional dress, it does not mean that you will suit it.

    And just because some designer made a dress, it doesnt mean that it’ll look good on you.

    Why can’t they just pick something that flatters their body shape?

    And Bollywood can go to hell with their comments about respresentation – since when did normal Indians wear anythinng remotely like the outfits worn by actors in those dance sequences in their movies? If they have their actors wearing western outfits in their movies, why shouldn’t those actros wear those outfits out and about normally? Representation works both ways.

  5. Both outfits are awful, sack the stylist!

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