The Talented Mr Singh

It’s a story that would confirm my mum’s long-held belief that my generation of British Asians are not very bright when it comes to dealing with real South Asians as they are far too chalaak (clever).  An Indian man, his wife and his brother have been arrested in Delhi for befriending people of Indian origin in the UK to find out what property they owned in India and forging documents back in India so he could sell their property without their knowledge after appointing himself power of attorney.

This family was so brazen and shocking with their talents that no wonder the people they conned in the UK didn’t suspect anything, who would? You don’t make friends with people thinking they are gathering information to commit fraud on this scale!  It’s quite a betrayal of friendship considering Mr Singh was close enough to the people he conned to be able to fake their signatures.

Are we Brits too open and would this story make you think before opening your mouth?


4 Comments to “The Talented Mr Singh”

  1. I read over the weekend that the met police have code-named Obama “chalak” for his visit!

  2. How funny re the code name the story is quite sinister though I think I’m too friendly.

  3. I wonder if he had to ask questions in s clever way or if he just asked for itineraries of assets. Many Asians love to show off about their wealth so maybe he just massaged his victims egos in return for information.

  4. I agree with Anon on the showing off aspect of some British Asians. However, you wouldn’t really expect someone to do this. This reminds me of Michael Caine’s film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”. I think I would fall prey to the Chalak South Asians.

    I am still laughing at the code name for Obama’s visit.

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