Disappearing Act

It is now acknowledged that the nuclear reactors at Fukushima went into meltdown in early days therefore they were also turning out nuclear waste into the envionment from the early days.  How shocking though that this is actually not terribly news worthy and that Ryan Giggs’ super-injunction is.  My Indian broadsheet gave the Japan nuclear story precisely 4 cm and 1 sentence of column space. Check other international press and it is also not big news.

In fact, The New York Times is reporting that American nuclear waste is more of a threat than Japan’s.  The Japanese were nervous that their government would not be transparent with the population of the nuclear threat and they have been proven right.

The only comforting thought is that Japan announced it would invest in alternatives to nuclear energy and that must be a huge boost for energy innovation.  Hopefully one day we will all benefit.



2 Comments to “Disappearing Act”

  1. i dont understand why there hasnt been an uproar about this. where is greenpeace???

  2. Was anyone else spooked out by how stoic the Japanese were about the whole thing?

    No lootings, no sackings, no nothing.

    I remember listening to this young Japanese mother on Radio 4 when her government had recommended that children under 5 should not drink tap water. She just said “well my daughter is 5 in a few weeks so I don’t know whether I will let her drink water then as she will only just be 5”


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