My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

During my last trip to Rajasthan I also became guardian of a wee tortoise, Sufi. Sufi fits in the palm of my hand but she is already 7 years old and too too cute with the most amazing designer star patterned shell.

Tortoises roam wild in the jungle around Ajmer and Sufi’s parents decided to become squatters in the grounds of the guesthouse I stayed at. They have been there for several years now and of course the guesthouse owners take care of them.  Thing is Sufi’s mum has been rather busy laying eggs over the years so Sanjay (the guest house owner) asked if I’d like one of the children.  I don’t stay in Delhi all year round so my friends had to consider if they could keep one – a split second decision really.

I can’t believe Sufi is older than my niece.  Apparently tortoises live until they are 150 years old how amazing is that? She will outlive all of us.  Her secret to longevity seems to be to hide in her shell and in dark corners, sleep a lot and munch on watermelon and dirt, occasionally grass.  She does circuit runs around the house and garden too.

Anyhow, I had a mud face mask on yesterday and once it dried and cracked I really could have passed as Sufi’s 80 year old mum.


10 Comments to “My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle”

  1. I WANT ONE!

    Oh wait, I live in London, where I’m more likely to find a rat in my garden than a tortoise…

  2. What an amazing shell!

    I want one! What does she eat?

  3. She quite enjoys eating grass and dirt but she is fond of watermelon and lettuce. Apparently one of her siblings only ate okra (ladies fingers) what a diva.

    Sufi loves having her feet tickled and a swim in the mornings. We have a shallow dish of water in the garden for her.

  4. bubbly im not sure about this choice of pet. my 3 year daughter thinks its amazing and its been added to her birthday wish list. dont think she’ll be getting one though. what does it do? does it show you any affection? is it slimy? what about hygiene?????

  5. The perfect pet! I’m with twinklingstarr’s daughter… definately on my birthday wish list!

  6. My friend was given a tortoise as her first pet and they are, apparently, remarkably resilient to children taking care of them especially as she sometimes forgot to feed it. They are not slimy at all, more rough skinned. They really do look like mini dinosaurs, especially their hind legs which also resemble elephants legs.

    Tortoises don’t do much apart from being extremely cute. They are very low maintenance and travel well. I used to have a cat and budgies and so on but I have to say my tortoise looks so adorable when she’s eating, not something you think about other pets.

  7. Does anyone know where I can get one from? Bubbly, does she smell?

    Do Harrods sell them? I can’t find it online!

  8. Good news they don’t smell at all I don’t know where you could get one in Britain I’m afraid do let us know!

  9. I’m from ajmer and haven’t found any for past few years, where did you get it ? I need one.

  10. Exactly Sumit, they are the masters of disguise and at playing hide and seek! My friends and I spend hours around the house and garden searching for her with a torch.

    Like I said in the post, mine was from the guest house I stayed at. Perhaps you should check the highway apparently they are in serious danger of being run over.


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