Copy Cat Outfitter

Urban Outfitters have had their long history of copying (or “taking inspiration from” as the industry prefers to call it) confirmed once again.  As reported online, a jewellery designer has had her designs copied, even down to her descriptions. Being in the creative industry is really difficult as desingers often have their designs stolen. This is well known and documented on the UK high street but this is also true in reverse with big designers copying in their turn.  My teacher in fashion college told me about how she had her entire portfolio stolen at a design meeting where the only people present were top European design representatives and staff from her college.  She was gutted to have lost years of her college work.

Thing is, it’s pathetic and copying other people’s designs should impact negatively on a brand.  I am all for democratic fashion and such but how many independent designers can afford to sue a big corportation?  Why don’t Urban Outfitters commission designs legitimately or start projects in colleges to get fresh blood into their creative thinking rather than stealing designs?  Obviously, the cost factor is a major issue but it would strengthen their brand to show their customers that they care about original design.  Fashion chain Anthropologie, owned by Urban Outfitters, also has a reputation for copying.  Quite a brand value to be associated with!


One Comment to “Copy Cat Outfitter”

  1. How enfuriating!

    I went into Topshop one day and was shocked to see the exact copy of a dress I used to wear – this dress was a one-off designed by a friend. The copy was the exact same design and even the same colour. I took a picture of it to show my friend who was dismayed but had to take it as a risk of her business.

    My friend who is a trademark attorney said designers are well within their rights to cause a scene and pull all the dresses off the shelves. I will definitely do that next time heh heh – love causing a punjabi-style tamasha.

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