Maltesers Melt Away From Religion

72% of Maltese voted in favour of legalising divorce in a referendum over the weekend, a welcome move towards the 21st Century.  Their prime minister is gutted though as he led the ‘no’ campaign on the majority Catholic island.  This is regarded as one of the country’s first moves to separate politics and religion and about time.

I despair at the EU sometimes. We get orders all the time from Brussels on all sorts of issues outlawing this and that but when the organisation could use its muscle to influence rights of a certain nature it becomes shy.  Why was Malta not forced to legalise divorce (it is the last country in the EU to do so) and why is Ireland and even Northern Ireland not forced to legalise abortion?  I believe not offering abortion except on the grounds of health and not being able to divorce goes contrary to human rights yet these countries are allowed to indulge in obsolete religious laws.

Northern Ireland is part of the UK for goodness sake but women from the whole of Ireland have to travel to mainland Britain for a private abortion, how can that possibly be justified?


2 Comments to “Maltesers Melt Away From Religion”

  1. It’s about time Malta caught up with the rest of the world. I have a Maltese friend who lives in the UK and she always despairs about how backward her country is compared to the rest of Europe. Having traditional views is fine, but when it impedes progress, people need to get over it.

  2. Can you imagine the state being involved in any decisions that affect the bodies of men?

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