Rob Lowe, Book Nerd

Maturing nicely like a bottle of red or a yummy cheese, Rob Lowe is still as dishy as in his Brat Pack days.  So glamorously over-the-top, he flew in by helicopter to be interviewed by the lucky Mariella Frostup (whose voice I love) at this year’s Hay Festival I can only imagine the noise from screaming fans.  Excerpts from the interview demonstrate that he is eloquent and has ambitions in politics. I’m sure I still have a Rob Lowe T shirt from the 80s, he should use that for fund raising like Obama is doing with his T-shirt I’m sure he would have more than enough to launch a campaign.

I wonder if he will go to the Edinburgh Book Festival too…


6 Comments to “Rob Lowe, Book Nerd”

  1. oooohhh Rob Lowe!!!! If only ever man aged like him!
    Just hope he does better than Arnie in politics.

  2. Have to agree with you both. Wish all men ( ok even half the men) age like this. He has my support already!

  3. I too am joining the Rob Lowe parade!!! He is very hot!!!

  4. p.s. Arnie didn’t do too bad a job in politics. He started off the green revolution in California. For a country and state that didn’t show an ounce of care on the green agenda 10 years ago, he has made it cool to be green. I think that is really good going in politics. It is his personal life that has taken a beating with his affair and awful sexist behaviour.

  5. What’s up with his chin?

    I had the most amazing Rob Lowe picture on my biology folder at school. He has really amazing blue eyes that lesser mortals now fake with contacts.

    But isn’t he a bit of pervert as well – move over Arnie !

  6. Vakeel bibi check your folder his chin was always unique…

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