Get Lippy

Can I share a secret with you?

My cousin recently told me about M & S make-up and posted some out to me hoping it wouldn’t melt in the heat.

Yes, I had the same reaction as you – I didn’t even know they did make-up and even if I did, I probably wouldn’t buy it.  Having been persuaded to try it, I can share the wonderful news that you should try it too. 

Lipsticks start from £2.50 – £6.50 and honestly, the colours match MAC quality.  The lipsticks go on easily and my sister informed me that she recently wore a bright pink for a wedding that only needed touching up once.

And don’t forget blusher – the Perfection Powder Blush & Blend Duo is simply great!  I’ve tried the coral one for £6.00 and trust me, it is better than Benefits Coralista which is almost five times the price.  The M&S version is a nicer coral, it goes on better, lasts longer and also, as the blusher is duo you can choose to go natural, bronzey sparkley or a bit of both.

Incidentally for those of you making holiday purchases or who live in hot climates, I recommend waterproof make-up to fight the sweat especially around the eyes.  It’s really easy to remove with an oil based remover, even baby oil and again touch ups are hardly required so you can spend your time doing better things.


8 Comments to “Get Lippy”

  1. Wow I’ve never heard of this brand but I’ll have to try it now. 😉

  2. I have used M&S make-up and I am a convert. I was really suspicious at first, but I too was told about it by a friend and so decided to try it out. My only problem is that they don’t seem to do a good range of foundations or powders, so I still have to go to a department store make-up counter for those. Maybe it’s just the M&S store I was in…

    But for lippy, blusher, nail polish, it’s great.

  3. I have never looked at M&S to provide make-up but will do. Thanks for the tip Bubbly.

  4. I use their Quick Dry Nail Polish – recommend cherry red!

    It lasts for days without chipping … unlike Chanel !

  5. recently tried the blusher and its fab…brilliant staying power!!

  6. hey thanks – I jsut bought some of the nail varnish and it’s pretty

  7. I didn’t know M + S did make-up
    thanks for the top tip

  8. I just bought some M&S make up after this recommendation – thanks a million – the blusher is fantastic and so cheap!

    A few of my friends have now gone to M&S too !

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