Moth Attack

Moth balls are apparently back in fashion.  This is due to an infestation of the clothes ruiners (not an official word) this summer, even the Defra offices have had to be fumigated.

This news is quite stressful as they are particularly fond of silk and wool, especially cashmere and I have been a victim in previous summers. Damage to clothes is not as serious as the potential damage to health, some types of moth caterpillars have been causing breathing problems and other allergies.

The new moth balls are made of cedar wood not like the old fashioned chemical ones so don’t go asking granny for her stock but do get some…you have been warned! They are available online if you can’t be bothered sourcing them.



2 Comments to “Moth Attack”

  1. I bought plastic balls that hang off your wardrobe rail, which are full of ceder wood oil. It’s bit messy if it spills, but it smells really nice. I have also bought ceder wood rings that you thread through hangers. I have had these for months and there isn’t a moth in sight. You are supposed to file the wood down to keep a constant potency of smell, but I haven’t had time to do this yet.
    The end result is that my clothes, especially my cashmere, are hole free. I would definietly recommend ceder wood as opposed to some artificial foul smelling chemical.

  2. Can you believe we have a moth epidemic in England!!!???? Apparently the hot weather last month was the cause of the rise in moths. They are destroying carpets and upholstery. Many people don’t realise that they are living in their sofas eating them inside and out!!!
    Apparently dry cleaners sell cedar balls. Or they do where I live.

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