Switchy Nose

Citizens will have the option of being fitted with a nose switch so they can switch them off when the going gets tough. Who among you mortals have not wished for such a switch? Ah, to be able to freely move around Barcelona or Delhi without feeling nauseous at the random stench or to have a period without yelling ‘why does it stink?’.  On or off, there is no middle.

The Oracle of Delhi

What is the Oracle of Delhi

3 Comments to “Switchy Nose”

  1. Switch OFF on the tube please

  2. I wish I could have had a nose OFF switch this week. I was sick and it kept running and it was awful. Oh, to have been able to turn it off would have been fantastic!

  3. Ooh yes, I would like to switch off my nose every time I am changing a nappy or my kids are sick!!!
    What about Paris metro? It stinks!

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