She Just Said “Mummy”!

Dear Diary,

Finally, last weekend, my 20 month old daughter called me Mummy. For over a year I have been distraught that my daughter continuously calls me Dada or Daddy. She can name most animals on a farm or in a zoo, the entire cast of Peppa Pig, the rest of our family, but could not say “Mummy”.

The joy I felt when she uttered this word was indescribable. After months of being teased by my daughter by pointing to herself when asked where her Mummy was, we had now bonded! She recognised me as her Mummy and claimed her ownership. I did not believe that I could be so overwhelmed by something so simple and immediately felt even more love for her.

I had to go back to work when she was just under 3 months old. My husband was her primary carer for her first year and then my parents took over a couple of days a week. Therefore, it is understandable that her first words are Dada, Nana and Nani. Although I joked about it a lot, secretly, I couldn’t help the rejection that I felt by her not being able to say “Mummy” and sometimes the resentment that I felt for my husband that i had to go to work and he stayed at home. Until this day, I really felt a spare part in my daughter’s life and cannot believe how purposeful this has made me feel.

When relaying my feelings to my husband, he conveyed that this was how he felt with my eldest daughter as he would only get weekends with her due to work. I guess what I have experienced is role reversal and as a Mum, can appreciate the privilege of maternity leave that enables us to have such a strong bond with our children. I know many of my husband’s friends and colleagues who were envious of his time with our babies.

My joyous response to her saying “Mummy” means that she is now overusing the word and only wants Mummy to do things for her. Daddy has been caste aside… temporarily!



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