Some Are More Equal Than Others

Holier Than Thou and ageing rock star, Bono, will be targeted by groups during U2’s gig at Glastonbury who will throw light on Bono’s tax avoidance.  I hope they manage to make an impact as this guy’s double standards are quite lame and as he is a relentless self-publicist no doubt he will enjoy even the negative attention. 

Actually participating in society by paying taxes helps those less off than us regardless of where they are from.  Is it less glamorous to save Ireland than the whole of Africa?

Loads of people avoid taxes but it’s Bono’s smugness and sound-bites about morals and ethics that get under my skin.  I used to love U2 and have loads of their music collected since my teens but I find it increasingly difficult to separate the man from the music – much like my feelings for Tom Cruise, his wacky religion gets in the way of my enjoyment of his movies.


One Comment to “Some Are More Equal Than Others”

  1. I wonder if he even cares….. I worked in the film industry for many years and tax avoidance was the name of the game. These people who were not superstars like Bono, but had considerable wealth and wanted to keep as much money as possible for themselves. At the same time use state hospitals, police, doctors etc..
    These superstars should be taxed and the governments really do need to sort out a way of implementing this as this would take the pressure of the middle and working classes who seem to have no choice but part with their salaries.

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