The Obedient Wives Club

A Malaysian group called “The Obedient Wives Club” seem to have nailed what it takes to have a successful marriage. To obey your husband and provide good sex. According to a member, a good wife is a good sex worker to her husband. Apparently, this will stop your husband misbehaving and straying.

The club was set up by a fringe Islamic group called Global Ikhwan who honestly believe that in Islam, a woman is the possession of the husband and it is a wife’s duty to be obedient and serve her husband. With 800 members since its launch on Saturday, the group claim that by educating women to be submissive and better in the bedroom,  they can solve the problems of domestic violence, infidelity and divorce.

Whilst I am all up for spicing up one’s sex life, this sounds like something out of the dark ages. I cannot believe in modern day Malaysia where they have a significant number of women in positions of political power, that such a backward and primitive ideology has resurrected. Furthermore, suggesting that women are solely responsible for domestic violence and infidelity.  What I find quite frightening is that women are once again supporting and are active members in cult clubs that serve to degrade their very own gender.

For me, such a club would give rise to domestic violence, create serious respect issues and serve to diminish the foundations of a good marriage with severe inequalities. In fact, modern Islamic groups in Malaysia are refuting this ideology and are concerned that clubs like these will only damage the years of nurtured work that as gone into the progression of women in Malaysia.

Personally, I think they might have got more respect if they just called it “The Good Sex Club” and used it to raise sexual awareness and provide sex education for women. Not sit on some immoral high ground justifying women as prostitute like sex slaves for their sex starved husbands.


6 Comments to “The Obedient Wives Club”

  1. … and when they are obeying their husbands at home they can look dreamy eyed into a pile of washing and ironing and sigh at the thought of their husbands sleeping with prostitutes, which is also a socially acceptable practice in Malaysia.

    I find these women INFURIATING

  2. Hi bunty sometimes I find it hard to believe that we live on the same planet as these kind of women. An American woman has been publicising her therapy method recently it is called 40 beads. The idea is that the husband gets all the beads and then gives one to his wife when he wants sex and she has 24 hours to respond either way. Apparently this is also a form of empowerment. Do these women need a dictionary?

  3. Jamu can help women feel beautiful and sexually confident than use sex to get the relationship back on track…

  4. I think you mistake me entirely.

    Dr Mohamed

    • Really? Please tell us how… I am intrigued how an organisation called “The Obedient Wives Club” can be mistaken.

  5. Dr M – why mistake you entirely? Are you a card carrying member?

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