The Tartan Turban

Switching over to Channel 5 last Friday, I was delighted to see Hardeep Singh Kholi, hosting the morning mainstream chat show, “The Wright Stuff”. I am not aware of any other daytime programme that has an Asian presenter. Whilst it isn’t his show and he is only filling in, it was refreshing to see an Asian face on television in the morning.

He is one of the few Asian presenters that has broken through and managed to host prime time shows.  The Scottish born writer and broadcaster has had a fruitful career trying to make it in television with numerous failures until his BAFTA awarded documentary, In Search of the Tartan Turban.  Unfortunately, his brief stint as presenter of the BBC1’s prime time “One Show” saw him being axed over sexual allegations by a female colleague. I am beginning to wonder if  any man in the public eye can just do his job without hitting on a woman? Sadly the Tartan Turban is tarnished.

Despite his setback, Kohli has returned to the screens and his Glaswegian wit and humour is great for television. I do hope that he can keep his mind on the job and we see more of him presenting on day time and prime time television. Asian youth need role models and need to see success stories. The only way we can encourage more Asians to enter into the media is if we can see their faces on our screens.


6 Comments to “The Tartan Turban”

  1. Good luck to him I haven’t seen him on TV but have heard him on radio 4 and he is very witty. Hooray for the Wright stuff too.

  2. Asian youth need role models and success stories? Yet remarkably you highlight a man who sexually harrassed a woman and is filling in someone else’s show. slim pickings indeed!

    • I was pondering over this again and I have to agree with anonymous about the harrassment issue. I didn’t know about this aspect of his past, it must have been pretty serious harrassment if he got the sack for it. I agree it is still progress but I think until the balance of ethnic faces on tv is higher the ones who reach a level of prominence should set a better example. How can they be role models if they don’t?

      • Shouldn’t everyone who reaches a level of prominence set a better example? It shouldn’t matter if we have more Asian faces or not…
        It is slim pickings as Anonymous says, because there are no Asians presenting mainstream television. For this reason it did catch my eye and indeed it did make me happy to see him doing this job.
        It is a shame that he has a shady past and I really am beginning to wonder if there is a person out there that doesn’t.

  3. We are still a minority in this country and Media presenting is not a career that many pursue. I do feel in what I have read that he is extremely remorseful for making a pass on his colleague and hope he won’t do it again. We do need to see Asians on our tv screens presenting mainstream programmes, filling in or not. It is the only way we can encourage more people to take this role as a profession. Even if you don’t think so, this is progress in a predominantly white industry.

  4. I’m not saying it’s fair, but I do think it is more disappointing when an Asian person in a position of influence displays bad or criminal behaviour precisely because there are slim pickings. When the Scottish Asian MP was found guilty of fraud (buying votes I think) and Asian peers were charged in the expenses debacle it was disappointing because South Asia is known for such practices.

    I agree there needs to be more ethnic representation in mainstream media but this is true for all ethnic minority groups.

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