Email Free Day

Have we become too accessible and on demand? Are emails, people’s impatience and expectation for immediate responses becoming the bain of your lives? Can you switch off after work or is that blackberry always going off? For many people the evolution of email has been the best and worst thing about modern day life.

Thierry Andretta, chief executive of France’s oldest fashion brand Lanvin, has declared an email free Wednesday…..

Every Wednesday, he refuses to log onto his email. He gets on with his work and believes that the world isn’t going to disappear if he doesn’t respond. He is trying to implement this internally at Lanvin, but suggests that his colleagues are not as keen as him on the idea. He doesn’t wasn’t want to catch up emails on trains, planes or automobiles. He wants to enjoy the surroundings he is in rather than letting them all pass him by. It sounds like he has reached an epiphany.

However, there serious issue behind this is that the introduction of emails especially on smart phones has made leaving work behind really difficult for many. How often have we sat at a dinner table with someone’s iphone or blackberry pings an email and your guest deserts you for half an hour saying “I’ve just got to answer this”.

There are companies which have a hidden expectation that their employees should be on call 24 hours a day, especially if they have provided them with a smart phone. Alternatively, there are employees who feel that they need to be on call 24 hours a day to prove their worth and impress their bosses.

Friday is usually my email free day and I really enjoy not logging on and getting engrossed in a barrage of emails.  I thoroughly endorse Thierry Andretta’s work ethic and like to feel that I am not always accessible. I have a life!


3 Comments to “Email Free Day”

  1. Just ignore your phone and have some manners, I think people are perfectly in control of their time but choose to be contactable 24/7. I would vote for a facebook free day before email, email is less offensive – I have had guests literally enter my house and go straight to my laptop to update their naff status to say where they are and what they are doing, apart from the bit that they are being rude of course.

  2. I got an email from your website about not reading my emails!

  3. I agree. I am forever on my email! And now it expected at work to be accessible. Well… I am off on hols now. The blackberry is staying at home!

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