Miro At The Tate Modern

Spanish surrealist artist, Juan Miro, took my breath away 4 years ago when I went to see his work at the MIro Foundation in Barcelona and I am delighted to see the first display of his work in Britain since 1964, at the Tate Modern.

Amidst the fairytale Gaudi architecture of Barcelona, Miro’s playful and colourful style represented the Mediterranean vibrancy and humour through a political kaleidoscope. The Ladder of Escape captures his life’s work over 70 years including his first masterpieces dating back to 1921.

Walking through his exhibition which includes paintings and sculptures, you can get an insight into Juan Miro. Influenced by his hero Picasso, Miro was both abstract and surreal.  He was confused and opportune, but most of all he was political.  He was a committed critic of Franco’s regime and left Spain in 1936 because of the Civil War. He was devoted to Catalan independence and continuously used his art to make political statements.

However one of my personal favourites in this exhibition is a series of paintings named “The Constellations”. They are in a room all to themselves and the magic of Miro can be discovered here. They depict Miro, his thoughts, his fascinations and his life.  They are his coming of age paintings as an artist.

I would thoroughly recommend this cleverly assembled exhibition. The Tate Modern has cleverly selected the best of Miro creating consistency in his inconsistency and rational in his irrational. Even if surreal art is not for you, Miro is a piece of history well worth seeing.


5 Comments to “Miro At The Tate Modern”

  1. Really? I went to last Tate miro exhibition and was very underwhelmed. Fun but just a bunch of doodles and scribbles.

  2. Sometimes seeing the original helps you appreciate an artist’s work a lot more. I wasn’t that interested in Miro until I went to the Tate a few years ago and really enjoyed seeing some pieces.

  3. Thanks for the review Bunty – I went to see the exhibition after your post and loved it.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Art is so subjective which is what makes it so great.

  5. And there’s nothing like seeing an original to get the proper experience.

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