What Is Happening To The NHS?

The overhauling of the NHS system is making me very nervous and confused as to what the coalition government is or is not going to do. We have one of the most revered systems of healthcare across the world and whilst it has many flaws, it is absolutely vital that the NHS is treated with care and diligence so that it can provide a better service.

Do I feel that this government can provide that? No is my answer.

I just don’t believe they know what they are doing. The only thing that I am pleased with is that they have taken a step back and are pausing for further consultations. However, the problem I find with these consultations is that every group serves it’s own interest and not for the greater good of the NHS. Although the NHS Future Forum is made of industry experts and is supposed to get the viewpoints of everyone and make an assessment. I fear that even these experts are not independent auditors but people with their own vested interests.

The Patients Association yesterday have called for the quashing of boundaries so that patients can register wherever they like. This sounds like a really good idea in principal as it did when the boundaries for schools were quashed. It is about giving people further choice. However, the consequences of this are that is demolishes communities and you end up with really good surgeries and really poor ones.  Have they not learned from the schools system that this in practice just does not work. Do we want choice or just better doctors everywhere? And doesn’t the walk in clinic service offer that choice should you need to use a doctor away from home?

Yesterday, BBC News wrote an interesting article on the quandary that has been posed by this reform. I read with interest and await the NHS Future Forum’s report next week. If anyone is directly involved in this, we would love to hear from you because I really do fear that the NHS is just being played like a political pawn.


3 Comments to “What Is Happening To The NHS?”

  1. Well personally I’m all for making it harder for losers to use the NHS. I find it very hard to get an appointment with my doctor as she is busy seeing the unemployed masses that are busy getting drugs for depression so they can get more benefits. In fact, I don’t even bother making an appointment, I simply pay £60 for an emergency appointment with a doctor at Liverpool St Station to be seen to immediately.

    It is no longer the NHS which shows us as a civilised nation because we offer free healthcare – it is not free! We pay for and do normal working people get anything back? I would have to wait so long for treatement I would just use BUPA in any event. Don’t you think people would be less inclined to go tot he doc’s if you had to pay to do so. Very poor people should get free healthcare but why should everyone get it. And don’t get me started on the Scots and Welsh getting free prescriptions……….

  2. The rant from Ananoymous @ 3:30 is contributing to the problems of the NHS and not helping in anyway. The only way to improve the NHS is to actually ‘use’ its services and facilities. After all it is the tax payer who is coughing up the money to provide this vital service for ‘everyone’ to use and not just a few.

    Yes the NHS does have problems and Yes it needs to improve, but the reality is that NHS needs people to raise their concerns with their local hospitals, GP’s, etc. Without raising the concerns the NHS will simply divided up between filthy rich private organisations and make a mess of it. The benefits the NHS provide weight more than the issues and problems it has. We should all be looking to improve the NHS and not walk away from it.

    I had a similar issue with my GP, just couldn’t get any appointments immediately but instead of walking away I actually wrote a letter to the Practice Manager, who wrote back that they had received many more concerns around the same issue therefore would I like to attend a meeting which they will be holding with patients to address their concerns. I agreed and after attending the meeting within two weeks, the GP Practice introduced more evening surgeries and slowly tackling the issue of not getting an appointment within two days of requesting one (which is supposed to be the target).

  3. Thank you for your comments. I am very lucky not have had these experiences with our local GP service who are fantastic. We can always get an appointment and the doctors are really good and efficient. It is a family practice and it matters to me that the doctors know us and especially my children and that we are not seen to by a series of locums.

    I agree with you, The British Asian Blog, raising your issues with your GP is the way forward of improving the service and not shutting the door on it and turning to private care all the time. It is great if you can afford it, but most people can’t.

    I think we have a great service in the NHS and would like to see it improved not carved up and sold.

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