Toxic Moby

Moby, producer of whale music and backdrop tracks to car ads declared that Britney Spears doesn’t count as music.  Did he realise this after taking a pay cheque from her producers or did he realise now that they don’t need him and he is bitter so decided to take a swipe at her?  I don’t know about you but one of these pop tarts features nicely on my ipod and the other doesn’t. At all.  And never will.

Britney wins this music deathmatch hands down, especially for using Tyson in her video. However, we should thank Moby because he gave me an excuse to include an image of Tyson on the blog.


2 Comments to “Toxic Moby”

  1. Remember Tyson’s Ralph Lauren ads?

    I once stole a HUGE cardboard cut out of him in that ad when I was at uni .. he lived with us in our living for many happy months.

    And yes, Moby is who he is, why does he feel like he has to slag off Britney, who is nothing like him in any event? Britney is fun pop – her fans don’t buy Moby’s music anyway so what’s his beef? What a loser. I note that he had to pick on a young woman who successfully uses her sexuality but doesn’t sell music purely as a result of it (most of her fans being young women). Why didn’t he compare himself to a successful man doing boring longe music?

  2. I think it was for the publicity who even remembered moby until you wrote about him? Just like publicity hungry VS Naipal?

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