Waxing Lyrical

I love Diptyque candles, especially the tubereuse/tuberose scent.  Delicious fragrance without the smoke and mess of incense sticks or cones, candles are so dreamily romantic and relaxing too.

Diptyque candles are a little expensive but they are worth it for the quality ingredients and the candles do last quite a while.

For those of you trying to avoid summer midges or real mosquitoes, lemongrass is a fab natural alternative to the harsh chemicals found in insect sprays. It’s hard to believe as the scent of lemongrass is lovely but mossies hate the stuff.  I used to get eaten alive in Delhi but that is history.  For summer evenings, burning lemongrass incense or oil in the garden will keep insects away if you want to be the one doing the al fresco dining.

As a bonus, I hear that lemongrass oil is also good for reducing the appearance of cellulite and muscle aches, how is that for a three-in-one bargain?


2 Comments to “Waxing Lyrical”

  1. I love the Jasmin one .. reminds me of Grandma!

  2. Oh I didn’t know about lemongrass I hate the chemical sprays they stay on my hands and make me cough.

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