Dr Death

You may have heard that Dr Death, aka Jack Kevorkian, died earlier this month.  It is believed that he assisted with 130 suicides, which earned him the moniker.  He took on the US authorities by actually filming himself giving a lethal injection to a patient, for which he received a prison sentence.

This is a hot topic as BBC2 showed adocumentary last night of Peter Smedley committing suicide.   Mr Smedley, who was suffering from motor neurone disease, invited Sir Terry Pratchett to accompany him and his wife Christine to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, where he drank poison and died on 10 Dec last year.

Althugh I did not see the programme motor neurone disease is the type of disease that I would be terrified to be diagnosed with and I do not think I could bear the thought of losing all functionality in my body.  I would like the choice to end my life if I were diagnosed with such a terminal disease.

The risk is of course that this is the slippery slope and soon we will hear of elderly people paying for assisted suicides simply because they believe they have become a burden on their loved ones.  Although there are not many studies on this, Kevorkian found that more women than men were opting for assisted suicides, and a significant number had not been diagnosed with any terminal disease.  I wonder why this was the case?

If any of you managed to watch the documentary please tell me how it was, I don’t have the Beeb here.


One Comment to “Dr Death”

  1. Apparently if you have motor neurone disease, the way you die is you choke to death. Terrifying. I couldn’t watch BBC 2 yesterday either as my boyfriend couldn’t handle it … I was interested in watching it but then felt it might be a little voyeuristic?

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